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Just wanted to say: Great job on the mastering!

source: Interface Magazine
Armin van Buuren
DJ / Producer

What I don't do myself is the mastering. The guys at Arjan Rietvink Online Mastering know exactly how my productions should sound to translate right. Sometimes they surprise me. If I hear something strange that I can not put my finger on then they get it right

Ferry corsten
DJ / Producer

Sounds fantastic! Nick (Afrojack) is also happy with it! Thanks for mastering it so fast! Grtz, Addy

Addy van der Zwan
DJ / Producer

Final Feedback Evolve: Tracks klinken top!

Julian Calor
DJ / Producer

Yes much better and brighter now. Now we are #2 on Sirius XM the biggest Top 40 Pop national station in the US :)

Joseph Fisher
MVA Entertainment Group / Marketing and Publicity Director

“your mastering work is absolutely stunning! I'm a huge fan of your mastering and have thoroughly enjoyed your work, especially on the Rodeo Media "Dance Classics" collections. If I see your name listed, I know that I can expect excellent sound. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you! A huge fan,”

Jason (USA)

I am satisfied, we will continue working with you. Very grateful for your time and work. It was as I imagined


GREAT JOB! There is so much more power in the track after the mastering. I´ll do it again for sure.


The example say it: LOVE IT. It´s transparent and every Track I can hear clearly. I am amazed at what you have made of it, with your experience. Thanks :)

Andre Mayer

Simply perfect. Luv it. Thanks

Nicolas Fabri
Dj - Producer