Studio Recordings

We have the facilities to record high quality DJ mixes. A lot of famous DJ’s have recorded their mixes in our studios (Armin van Buuren, DJ Jean, Johan Gielen, Charly Lownoise and Marco V to name but a few).

In our studio we use a special modified DJ booth. The DJ can choose between Pioneer and Alan & Heath mixing consoles. We make multitrack recordings of the DJ boot, allowing the DJ to make modifications of the mix afterwards, without having to do the mix or transition all over again.

Mobile Recordings

We can also make multitrack recordings outside our studios.
You can find us on events and festivals like: Sensation, Defqon, Armin Only, Hardbass, Qlimax, and Decibel.
During these events we seperatly record al available sources like, MC, DJ mix, CD Direct-outs, Live acts, Show music, Ambience e.t.c..
We can record and mix up to 64 tracks in our mobile recording studio.

After the recordig we can edit and mix a 10 hour event into a DVD length compilation. In stereo and 5.1 surround.

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Latest news