Stem mastering a track from Stefano Montanaro aka Preacker
By Arjan Rietvink in General - 16/05/2013

Stefano Montanaro aka Preacker is a young producer, 50% of team Hearloud.

Preacker contacted us in April 2013 to master his firstĀ  hardstyle track. He looked for a solid, clean and powerful sound. To give him just that we have stem mastered his track. He delivered us the 2 different kickbass stems, the vocals and the rest of the track. This gave us the opportunity to optimize the sound of the most important sounds of his track. Resulting in the sound quality he looked for.

We also did a free revision on his request to further improve the sound of kickbass 2. There are 3 free revisions included in our online mastering service. In this way you can let us tweak your master to your personal taste.

More information about stem mastering can be found over here:

The track will be released on 23-05-2013.

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