Stem Mastering Sebastian Bronk – U R My Everything
By Arjan Rietvink in General - 08/05/2013

In February 2013 we mastered Sebastian Bronk his latest track. It is called U R My Everything. Since this was an important release for him he wanted to attend the mastering session.

We used the stem mastering technique to master the track.
Sebastian delivered us the stems of the kick, Bassline, Lead synth and Vocals. The advantage of Stem mastering is that we can separately master the most important elements of the track. Nowadays producers feel it’s important to have a loud mastering. On the other hand they don’t want the track to sound distorted and lifeless. To get the track loud without distortion it’s important for a mastering engineer to be able to work efficiently with the low frequency’s of the mix. That is why we always prefer to have stems of the bassdrum and bassline.

In this case we were able to give the kick more punch. Eq the bassline separately. We could EQ and De-Ess the vocals so it now fits better in the mix. We widened and brightened up the sound of the lead synth without over widening the rest of the mix. And we were able to get a higher output level with less distortion while preserving a lot of the transients.Sebastian Bronk – U R My Everything track is available now on the Energetic Sounds label of Armada Music.

Sebastian Bronk – U R My Everything track is available now on the Energetic Sounds label of Armada Music.

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